Monday, October 12, 2009

My birthday lasts a whole month

Just a reminder about that hunt that's been going on at the Sound of Silence sim. I think it's some celebration of some blog's birthday. ORITE, IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY HUNT. There are lots of freebies and dollarbies and then the 10L market for you to romp through. Today I'm showing off gifts from Skinsane, Ticky Tacky and Creative Insanity, all of which have gifts in the hunt.

I'm pretty fond of the lingerie set from Skinsane, and not just because it's a special edition Love/Hate set either. I love how one of the leggings is slipping down, like you're doing the walk of shame from the bedroom to the bathroom, and shit just got crazy. The jewelry is the 10L set from Ticky Tacky, 'Mi Corazon' set. It comes with two necklaces, two bracelets and earrings, not a bad deal for 10L.

Finally, a posing tool from Creative Insanity, There are two poses on the tree limb, and they're pretty well done. I have to say, they make me look pretty hot. Not a bad little freebie, if you can find it at least ;) So yeah, the hunt is still on, and it will be on until October 31st, where we will close the hunt out with an elegant Halloween Ball. You know you'll be there, cause I will be there, and lots of other awesomeface people. Don't miss it ;)

Just as an aside. One of my favorite things to do is go through the search term listing on google analytics, just to see what it drawing people to the blog, and really, there is just some weird ass shit in there, and it's funny. So, here are my top ten, no particular order.

1. (what?)
2. the sausage king
3. st. elmo patron saint of sailors (this shows up a lot, no clue why)
4. show comparisons between movies, wizard of oz and 200l a space odyssey (sic)
5. rainbow penis cupcakes
6. naughy
7. ode to a sausage
8. is she a threat (FYI, totally is)
9. i want to pise on yew (sic)
10. how to hunt then kill demons (start with punching yourself in the face)

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