Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Jiggly Boobie Day!

What better way to celebrate than to show off some lingerie?

~Blacklace~ Passionate Touch: Chocolate Satin - FREE (Mix & Mingle Hunt #24)

If you haven't heard yet, the latest release of the Emerald Viewer now offers a feature where you can "enhance physics on avatar breasts". Basically, you can give your avatar & everyone else's jiggly jello boobies. You can find the variables for this new toy in the Preferences window, under the Emerald tab, Page 2, Effects tab. Fiddle with the options you see there to attain your ideal bouncey bouncey.

~Blacklace~ Belle: Forest Green L.E FREE (Mix & Mingle Hunt #24)

The jury is still out on how ethical & invasive it is to impose such a personal preference on avatars that might not want to participate. But that hasn't stopped every teenage boy from praising the gods of scripting, nor every grown woman from howling laughing, all damn day.

~Blacklace~ Gemini: Orange Lace & Blk Set FREE (Pumpkin Prints Hunt #12)

And, as every person on the grid is crashing the Emerald download site, I figured it'd be a good time to share some of the freebies you can grab right now down at everyone's favorite lingerie shop - Blacklace. They are taking part in two hunts right now: Pumpkin Prints & Mix & Mingle. For the former, there is the smexy Halloween-colored set, pictured above, and for the latter hunt, the two beautiful sets in the top two pictures. All yours, all FREE. Don't miss them!


Ember said...
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Narita said...

lol whatd i miss? XD

Bella Baroque said...

looool, hooray for bounce! i'm a SLelabate but this made even me want to go on a lingerie spree :D