Friday, October 2, 2009

Fashion in the Ether

Oh $50L Fridays... How can such bargains manage to dent my wallet so much?

Pants - (Royal Blue) Zip Up Leggins - $50L
Mask - ::SPLIT PEA:: All Cats Are Grey - $50L (set)
Pose - (pda) Second Hand News - $50L (set)

The fabulous leggings are from the house of fabulous, Royal Blue. And they look great with that jacket from Milk Motion that was just $50L a few weeks ago. (Have you figured out yet just how vital to your life these $50L Fridays are?) The mask is part of the set from Split Pea. These things are freaking adorable! They come with an embedded pose that holds the mask in front of your face, and each face on the mask blinks! XD Too cute!!

Lingerie - (5th&Oxford) Little Miss Lingerie *OLIVE* - $50L
Jewelry - MIEL TOR SET - $50L
Pose - (pda) Never Going Back Again v.2 - $50L (set)

The lingerie is from 5th & Oxford and it comes with a bunch of options: garters, no garters, nude stockings, olive stockings... The set is beautifully made. Your significant other wants you to have this. The jewelry set comes from Miel, a store that is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for amazingly-crafted wardrobe boosters. It's got everything from shoes to hair, and this jewelry set proves the designer is remarkably talented at damn well everything.

Top - This is a Fawn - Deep V-Neck Dress [blood] - $50L
Pants - Pig - Pleated Men's Pants - Black - $50L
Pose - (pda) Oh Daddy - $50L (set)

The top from This is a Fawn doubles as a mini dress, and this deep red color is pitch perfect. The pants from Pig are unisex and are versatile enough to work with so many outfits that they're a must for your shopping list this week. All of the poses used in this post come from the fatpack at Penny Dreadful Arcade. There's only one set this time, but it's filled with great ones! I swear these kids get better and better with every release. This set is a clear favorite for me. Enough drama, tension & 'fashion' to make a spazzed out Tyra proud.

So much good stuff this week, I'm only sorry to have to wait 7 whole days for the next one.

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