Saturday, October 17, 2009

Burn, Baby, Burn!

Burning Life is open!

Sculpture Garden

The most incredible event in Second Life is finally here! It comes but once a year and its stay is always far too short. The lag is off the charts and you can expect to crash a million times. But it's soooooooooo worth it! XD


There are 34 regions and hundreds of camps to explore, each a world unto itself. There are absolute marvels of sculpture, painting, sound and video for you to explore. Some of SL's best artists have created pieces especially for this event that you won't get to see or experience ever again! Check the What & Where Page to find some of your favorite creators.

Gulliver's Travels - Ub Yifu

And the festivities are non-stop, 24 hours a day! There's live music, dancing, DJs & pyrotechnics. No matter what time-zone you are in, there is fun just waiting for you to show up. Check the Events Calendar to keep up to the minute on what's going on.

Vessel's Dream - Bryn Oh

Be patient this opening weekend. Crowds are pouring in everywhere, so expect to lag & crash. But it's all part of the fun. Most of the creators are hanging around their builds & are more than happy to show you all the little gems they've snuck into their little masterpieces. I caught up with Bryn Oh at her build and she clued me in on some of her secrets. In addition to it being largely a cam build (you have to cam through the passageways to see it all), click on just about everything to load a special machinima to learn more of the story. The woman is a freaking genius. This work is stunning! Put it on your Do Not Miss List.

fushion - four Yip

Know what else you're going to plotz over? Freebies from four Yip! Squeee! XD You get a chocolate skin and a ton of accessories, including strategically places butterflies, big blinky eyes and a teddy bear for your head. And that's just some of what you'll find in her media-rich chocolate fantasy world.

I hope to show you more of the awesomeness and the piles and piles of gifts from Burning Life as the event goes on. Keep an eye on the Burning Life Blog for loads more information. Till then, burn on! ;D

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