Friday, October 2, 2009

Spooky treats

Last night Ghanima announced a fair at Kali Isle, with all sorts of special and Halloween themed products for sale. Ghani even went so far as to make special editions of eleven of her sets, in a rather dashing orange. I'm not even a fan of orange(ironic, right?), but these look fantastic.

The sets are even set to a special price of 150L each, which means you're getting twice the bang for your buck. Two sets for the price of one regular? I know your wallets are beginning to bleed already, but there's more. I'm sure you heard the Deviant Kitties is having a hair sale right? 75L for a color pack? 900L for a fat pack? There goes all my money.

I don't know how I managed it, but I took shots of all pants outfits. Rest assured though, there are plenty of dolly dresses, and big poofy skirts available. I'll have to do another post highlighting those ones. I think it's because I only ever get to show off the dresses, I was excited about the panted outfits, they are so sexy, I love them.

One of the merchants at the fair is Violent Seduction, and Iki has made a new set especially for the fair. 'Hellesent' is complete, with hooves, ears and horns. You get everything you see, except for the hair, which is the 99L Red Queen special on xstreet right now. All the more reason to run down to the fair and check it out.

Finally, through out the post, I've been wearing the new B. Bodenhall skins. I highlighted the Toreador skin the other day, and not long after that Mairead threw it up in her Domestic-V group for free! Well, this is the toreador skin along with the rest of the collection. The teeth are painted onto the teeth layer. I love how Mairead plays with teeth, I have a skin from her called 'Extreme' under her Domestic-V line, where the teeth are all busted up, it's fantastic, and makes the skin that much more awesome.

Just so we're all clear, B. Bodenhall is a new line Mair is collaborating on, Domestic-V isn't going anywhere, it's just a new line, with some fabulous new skins :D

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