Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deviant Art

I got to take a couple of the girls around Burning Life yesterday, on a mini-tour of some of my personal favorites so far. Why not share? If you haven't hit these yet, you're missing out!

Sekhmet's Serpentures - Madcow Cosmos & Lorin Tone

Be sure to pick up the Serpent Tooter Hat at the entrance & make your way up to the top, to join in on a snake jam session. Click on both the hat & the snakes to change sound loops & create your own music.

Cabaret of Flames - Poid Mahovlich

Beckoning you across the playa, waits this build from Poid. Overflowing with rhythmic percussion sound design, it's the perfect spot to dance in worship of a bit of fire.

The Invisible Dancer - Yoa Ogee

This stunning statue by artist Yoa Ogee stopped me in my tracks at the Sculpture Garden. So much form & movement, it had me waxing poetic and drooling like a fool. Yoa's got an art plot on the playa, as well, and it's not to be missed.

Straight Outta Compton - Anonymous Sorbet

Unicorns rising from a slit in the earth is a notion that makes me raise my fist in solitude with the artist. Oh yes, my friend. Oh yes.

Among Other Things - AM Radio

When you get to AM's build, be sure to enable your media and click the spray paint can on the table. Follow the link to the website and start painting.

Waiting for Pippin - Loki Eliot

This one stole my heart this year. When you start listening to the parcel music station, the full story of the build and it's characters unravels and come alive. Curl up in a donut, pop some popcorn and stay a while.

Berlin Stage - Kazuhiro Aridian

Ready to party yet? Like its counterpart, the Tokyo Stage, the Berlin Stage spans two sim boarders and enables two separate parties to run at the same time, and the parties never stop. And that's to say nothing of how unbelievably gorgeously crafted the stages are this year. Seriously - WOW!

Live, Explore, Grow, Evolve - Thend Destiny

Simple, elegant, warm and sweet. Grab some friends and give this one a spin ;D

Proud Flesh - Adam Ramona

As you run around inside this build you activate a jumble of sounds and release pods into the air. The pods then rain down and activate even more sounds, creating a chorus of music and sound clips that's hard to resist and even harder to stop.

Buddha - 2nd Magic

Sitting way down at the lonely far end of the playa sits this Buddha head that is so serene and profound, it begs you to take a picture of it in all of your favorite Windlight settings.

Transcendence - Sand Castle Studios

The art at this year's Burning Life is heavy on jaw droppers. This build is no exception.

Have fun exploring and be sure to see as much as you can before it all ends this weekend!

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