Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Limited Thing

This time shoes. :3
Recieved a subscriber announcement a couple of minutes ago from the Perquita SoM. They almost matched the shade I was wearing so I took a quick snapshot before I started inventory sorting. x: These shoes are available free at Perquita's HodgePodge location but only for a few hours.

It's probably worthwile pointing out the majority of my outfits are made up from a variety of freebies and usually a lot of things from Sn@tch. So I've added all the free items to the list at the bottom. :3

Shoes - Perquita's HodgePodge - Free for a few hours

Skin - Chai - Subscribe-o Gift (Comes in 9 tones, I totally expected to see it on freebie blogs by now x: )
Glasses - Solar Eyewear at Fabuylous Fashion - Fabulous Fashion Freebie (Comes with a HUD for complete customisation, very awesome :3 )
Bikini Top - Swim - September Dollarbie
Bangle - MJ+DADA - 3L Random Vendor (many other colours available)

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