Saturday, September 5, 2009

Kick 2, 3.

Sometimes I think that cleaning inventory is the best thing possible for finding new stuff to blog. You find some outfit you got a year ago, go to the shop and find something new and fantastic. Such is the case with LG Design. Found some Halloween set I got from there last year, go to check out the shop and find this.

You'll find this on the freebie wall in the small room of the shop, if I remember right, it is 1L. Totally worth it. Because if you can't be goth when you're working out, when *can* you be goth? I mean really. There is also a signup gift on the SOM, as well as a new gift that was just sent yesterday, if it can still be delivered.

Another really good find I made recently was when I was, surprise, cleaning my inventory. Going through the Cinderella's lost slipper hunt gifts there was a necklace. A beautiful, amazing, necklace from a shop called Burroughs Jewelry. I went back to the shop to see what else they had available, and found this fantastic dollarbie. The iMix 'Bloom' set, with like a pile of different necklaces, a ring and matching earrings. Oh, and there is a HUD. With every jewel choice, metal choice, leather choice.... probably a kitchen sink hiding in there somewhere. Not to mention, all of their other jewelry gorgeous, and I'm sure I'll be picking up more soon.

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