Sunday, September 20, 2009

Leezu, Courtisane, Lion Skins... Oh My!

If your in the Leezu group, you might have been as fortunate as I was to hear about this amazing party going on at Leezu's Sim! Leezu in conjunction with Enkythings, LionSkins, PhotoStage, KMadd and Courtisane had a party on Sat. the 19Th where if you explored each shop you could hunt out apples filled with the most amazing goodies and buy them for the rock bottom price of 50L. The lag was high, like wading through mud but, oh was it worth it. I was thrilled making this post mixing and matching the newness with those pieces already in my collection.

You cant really do a Leezu post without showing off some of her fabulous gowns. Normally I am not a huge gown person, but I couldn't pass these up. I found these both for 50L each. Swoon.
Leezu - Kiss Sarah Flexi Dress - Gray
Leezu - Kali Flexi Dress - Rose

I was so happy to find several of the gifties in my favorite colors! Like this feminine little turquoise jacket and these to die for ankle boots from Courtisane which I paired with some pants already in my collection.
Leezu - Rocco Femme Jacket - Turquoise
Leezu - Pants from NOIR Efraims daughter set
Courtisane - Hors d'haleine shoe - Turquoise

Leezu - Natascha Flexi Dress - Silver
Coutisane - Devoue Sandal - Blue
Leezu - Zuzu Monokini
Leezu- LBD CorsetLilaSolo
Leezu - LBD Klara Stiletto's - Lila

Leezu - Emma Swings Pantsuit
Leezu - Courtisane Lingerie - Green
Leezu - La Vie En Fleur Hair - Phat Pack available Free in store

Leezu - Top from REVOLUTION Pan set
Leezu - Jeans Slim Cut - Stonewashed
Courtisane - Marquise Sandals - Olive
Courtisane - Sacoche Bag - Free Gift Available in shop
Leezu - LBD NightLove Jacket - Turquoise
Leezu - LBD Lea Pants - Black
I also have to mention the GORGEOUS Lion Skins I'm wearing throughout this post four in total, I don't know how I became such a lucky girl but I won them at the Leezu Party. Lion Skins of my choice. *More Swooning* I am loving them! Especially the body detailing. They are just wonderful I cant say enough nice things about these skins. Go Get Some!!

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