Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dark shimmery forest

GIMP is on my last nerve today. It literally closed on me right as I was about to save my pictures, then I got to start ALLLLLLL over again. Other than that, today is the big day. Final word on whether my Mother is totally cancer free or not. Her CT scan a few days after her last round of chemo gave her a clean bill of health, so now she just has to pass the PET scan. Results are today at 2:30. I know she'll be great, and healthy, but its still a little nerve wracking.

Anyway, want another reminder about the Jewelry fair? While I'm pretty disappointed with the Charity aspect of the fair (seriously, how many big name stores didn't put any sort of charity item up? Kind of crass.) some stores really came through and shine that much brighter for it. Like Kunstkammer. Nuala pulled no punches with her gorgeous charity set, the 'Black Forest Suite'.

The set consists of a gorgeous necklace, matching earrings and three different bracelets to go with it. The set is gorgeous in and of itself, but the really great thing about it, is it is texture change. So you don't just get gold, oh no. You gold, silver, gunmetal and bronze. I decided to match up the different tones with some of my favorite outfits, to show them off. I love how versatile the whole set is, and its just beautifully made in general.

The set retails for 400L, but it's *SO* worth it. The detailing on the pieces along with the texture change make it an amazing deal, and don't forget, it's good karma too since half of the price is going to charity! The Jewelry fair runs through the 27th, so make sure to stop by and do a good deed by buying yourself some pretties!

One last thing. That yummy vanity you see in the background? Well, it is from one of my favorite furni stores on the grid +Rejudor+. They recently moved shop, and because of it, they are offering this as their store opening gift! Also, it looks like there is a lucky board with a special Halloween pillow available too, if you're patient.

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Hempy Weezles said...

wooo that set is gorgy !