Thursday, September 3, 2009

We all know how I feel about Adore & Abhor, I was just the first person to ever blog the shop. Since that time Airedine has expanded and grown, and from the looks of her shop, I think she might be taking my advice to do a lot more skins, cause her's are gorgeous. For right now though, she's got some hunt gifts hiding around the store, and are definitely worth looking into.

She's currently in the Twisted, Demonology, Duckie and Addiction hunts, with lots of really great goodies hiding around the shop for you to find, including clothes, skins and accessories. Keep in mind that not all of these hunts are going through the month, Demonology ends on the 15th. I'm not sure about the other two.

Aire's work is fun and impressive, and she's always doing something different which makes it a fun store to watch, because you can't be sure what's going to come out next. I promise I don't just love Adore & Abhor because the shop neighbor's the blog HQ, I've loved the shop before we even had an HQ, and you really should too.

I almost compeltely forgot to show you under the skirt, its not just one outfit, its two. Not a bad deal, also, the boots are available for free at Periquita at Hodgepodge, but only for the next few hours! So runnnnn.

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