Sunday, September 6, 2009


So tonight is the night. MSTRKRFT *and* the addition of DJ Spooky to the bill is going to make tonight pretty awesome... except that its raining, and hard. It's supposed to rain all day, and today's high? 60. This doesn't really bode well for out door festivals, but since I'm hardcore, I'll be leaving in an hour or two, wee! At least the shows will be in doors. (I hope)

Anyway, Rotten Toe has a new gift for group members in her brand new shop on the Gloomy Creek sim. I felt really bad for Elsa after getting displaced with all of the Dead Town hubbub, but I'm glad she was able to find a new home quickly and easily. She only has a few of her products up right now, but I totally endorse showing your support, cause she is a great creator, and deserves as such.

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Senjata said...

Yeah... Demonology has some issues. But still- it led me to YOU PEOPLE! You F'in Rawk. I'z keepin y'all forever.

(Ps: hawt babes who aren't all pointy/shiny! Wewt!)