Tuesday, September 29, 2009

she's a threat

Let's start today off with +++Blue Blood+++'s newest release, 'Anya'. Nothing like a little bit of Lolita gladiator action to really make things interesting. Hardcore Lolita indeed, Ghanima. I love the unique shape of the skirt, and the options for the top, with or without the bracer arm piece.B. Bodenhall 'Toreador' skin - 450L
+++Blue Blood+++ Anya (red) - 300L

This set comes in purple, red, teal, and ocre. Once again, if you'd like the black version, you'd better get your booty in the +++Blue Blood+++ group, not only will you be able to claim this set in black, but you can also get 50% off of the fatpack if you are so inclined.
Recently one of my favorite skin designers came back to the grid after suffering at the hands of copy botters pretty heavily. Mairead Broek of Domestic-V, and now B. Bodenhall, has returned with a couple of really nice new vampire skins. They are very unique, in the fact that the fangs aren't prim, and they aren't painted onto the lip... but when you smile, well, you can't ignore them. I'll be doing a more thorough review on these skins sometime in the next week, but I'm wearing the Toreador skin, and its beautiful, as you can expect from Ms. Broek.

Closing out the post, as I was trolling about on Xstreet this morning, I noticed there is a new limited price offer on Red Queen's 'Hush' hair in Onyx. [rQ] hair tends to be pretty expensive in general, so grabbing this one for 99L is a steal, and you can't question the quality. The style is perfect for the upcoming holiday, and any other day you feel like looking badass.

Also, if you look at her other stuff available on Xstreet, you'll see a pair of neko ears and tail for 50L each. Not that I ever would, but if I went Neko, I'd probably grab these, as they are gorgeous.

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Kitten said...

Psst.. the Toreador skin is also a group gift and still in group notices for the Domestic V group.. completely free.