Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awh Shit

Apparently the lucky boards that contained the Prision Skybox got taken down. Not sure why, but I guess they are gone now. I'm sorry! You can still go to the store, and hope to buy it one day, or see them back up. I didn't know this would happen.

Upon seeing this post, you may wonder why I am coming to you from a... toilet.
Well, while running tracks at Racers Blank, I got arrested for being in the wrong size vehicle.
Silly, but it happens, and now I am in prison...

Amaama - Kids Hippie Bus - Dot - 50L

I bring you the prison skybox from fllo. A friend, Andel, was running around RC Cluster driving a tiny VW Bus. If you don't love buses, gtfo right now. I was dying in love, and she told me where to get my fix. So I landed, and after paying the random vendor to get one, I traded a Rastafarian colored on with Bear for the one you see above. I then explored the land, and right across a bridge is a duck clad building. No joke, there are ducks EVERYWHERE. I was intrigued, explored, and found two lucky boards in the building that was full of cheap and adorable furniture. I wandered out the back, where an odd blue box stood. On it, were two lucky boards containing the prision skybox.

fllo - Prision Skybox - LB Prize

This thing is loaded with options, like the above shower shot. Awkward positioning, no? Anyways, there is a panel by the door you can click on. Everything is in Japenese, but it is easy to figure out. You can translate the NC if you need to, but in general, the panel by the door gives you 5 door options.

The box also comes with a few pieces of furniture. I haven't figured out exactly what is different about some of the ways to rez it, but it comes with a posed toilet, a posed bed, and a radio that is supposed to actually work. You rez each item from the panel on the right inner wall, near the pips. Opposite of the photo above.

While in the store, I won both lucky boards. In one of them is the above sofa. It has a few color change options and is just adorable. I bought the rug you see under it from the same area, for a really low price. The other board has some outfit of feathers or something, I honestly couldn't tell. Part of me thinks it is an outfit to wear in a bathtub? That makes a bit of sense, as it's next to a lovely sculpted tub.