Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Mission

In an unfortunate turn yesterday, Prudence resigned from the blog, and I'd just like to say I am sorry to see her leave. Her contributions to the blog have been numerous and have been greatly appreciated. I wish her luck in her future endeavors, as I know they will be successful. Good Luck!

In other news, one of the first shops I ever fell in love with, Dreamin'g Alice, threw down with two new lucky boards. Stuffed with my favorite thing on earth, military wear. I was at both boards, one at KDC Mall, the other in her main shop, with bells on waiting patiently for my prize. And what a prize it is, I definitely won't be taking these suckers off any time soon.

Don't forget that you need to be in the KDC Mall group to get the lucky board gift. Both boards are on 10 minute timers, and don't forget to pick up the normal dollarbies in the Dreamin'g Alice main store, if you haven't, the furni is amazing.

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