Monday, September 14, 2009


Yesterday morning, after have a conversation with Tricky about spaded demon tails, I saw a girl wearing one. Being ever inquisitive I inspected and rushed off to the store. It's a Japanese shop called *Noju* and the tail? It's a group gift! In case you weren't sure, Halloween is coming, and you should prepare for the onslaught, because pretty soon, you'll have witch hats coming out of your ears.

This set is so ridiculously adorable, little wings and a tail as well as vampire fangs if you so choose. The dress has two options, short and long sleeves, the best part is the whole 'free' thing. Just join the inworld group, there is a sign right next to the group gift board. Click the board, and enjoy! The heels were a previous Halloween gift from Love Soul, but they are available for purchase now. only 100L, and ridiculously cute, little ghosties on the heels, and perfect for the holiday.

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