Saturday, September 26, 2009


In a world, where skins were not permanent.
It was the Skin & Shape fair 2009.She, was a girl, oBscene, and obsessed with skins.
She found her favorite and the best skins available.
Jealousy was her demise,
but damn did her corpse look good, thanks to [the oBscene]

Widescreen Letterbox format, hitting the grid Saturday September 26th. Be there.

These are FREE from [the oBscene] at skin fair. Ridiculously gorgeous, and the whole vamp line just makes me mess my pants. The things I would do with those skins. By and far my favorite skins at the fair in it's entirely, a close runner up was Zanzo's line of goth skins. The fair is running for two weeks, with LOTS of charity (take a lesson from them, jewelry fair). What is quite possibly the most awesome charity item? SinDecade's fat packs. Every pack bought gives half to charity. I have no choice, and I regret nothing.

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