Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aura "F'in" Falta does Some Combination of the 70-bajillion hunts going on right now

If you are like me, you love the word free. It doesn't matter if it is 6 prims put together to make a box, you are going to pick that shit up and leave it in your inventory till your next round of inventory sorting (you know, where you sit in a camping chair so you can get more stuff to clog your inventory). I hate hunts for this reason. They tempt me with all their shinies! What am I supposed to do?! I am only one avatar!

Anyway, I have decided to make this addiction of mine into a charity offering for you guys. I am going to do the hunt and tell you what you absolutely must have. You know, because my humble opinion should mean everything to you! Let's get started.

First up, I have the very first item you can grab from the Macabre Hunt. It is from the hunt organizers and it is FABULOUS. The theme for this hunt was ghoulish faerie tales and this item does not disappoint. It is a take off of Jack's attire from "The Nightmare before Christmas." While this is technically the male item, I couldn't help but throw it onto my mesh. It comes with optional tails, which I didn't feel like editting to fit my avvie, and a rad cane that come complete with its own stands.

Jack's Suit--Rasetsukoku

Next, we have an offering from Rasetsukoku's next door neighbor, Gehenna. This is what will be adorning my shop for Christmas. It is just a fun little cage hung from a geared-up candy cane with the ground littered with candy and skulls. Doesn't this just scream "Santa's basement" to you?

The Cage--Gehenna

Now the next image I have for you has two parts to explain. First, the skin is another hunt item from the Macabre Hunt. It is just a wonderful beauty (and I suppose the beast) skin with a lovely stitched mouth and claw slashes. It simple warms my morbid little heart. It looks super wonderous with the 25L special sitting in DV8's shop. I just happened to see it while I was there picking up the hunt gift and next thing I knew, I was 25L poorer. I am not sure how long that special is going to last, so grab it while you can.

Beauty Skin--VampArt
25L Special--DV8

Tree House Treasures had an interesting little addition to the Macabre Hunt. This store put out a basket with all the lovely items needed for evil doing in the faerie tale age. I have made a diagram analysis of its contents for you. I suppose this is the ultra deluxe basket for green witches as I personally believe the ground-to-air missle is a little over the top for taking down a potential snow white or big bad wolf. However, one must always be prepared for the unexpected.

What's in Red's Basket--Tree House Treasures

Last up, I have a skin that you absolutely at the very moment have to log in and obtain. This comes from a bitchin' designer that owns a store named Miasma. I had previously known her for her work with the neko tribes of SL, but now she is making skins and they are AWESOME. Check out this lovely little number she pulled out of her brain for the Addiction Hunt. It has a lovely pale hue, soft pink lips, and bloody tears running down the cheeks. Its like she went into my head and demanded inspiration!

Addition Hunt Gift skin--Miasma

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