Monday, September 7, 2009

Off with your head!

By now I'm sure you've heard about LVS' new sim, and the opening with all kinds of goodies from participating stores. The sim is really hard to navigate, but there are a couple of really good gifts hiding about in the shops.

WhoNose really got into the theme and has a whole Red Queen set hiding in her shop, as well as a pile of adorable dollarbies and a lucky board. The outfit comes complete with crown and shoes and this fantastic flying Cruciger. Altogether the set is 3L, hidden in 3 different cards in Rar's shop.

Another super gift comes from the prolific U&R Dogs. It kills me how generous they are, they've given out so many gifts this summer, and closing out summer with this gorgeous bracelet. There are lots of other dollarbies and lucky chairs and boards hiding around the sim, so take a few minutes to pick these goodies up.

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