Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gimme Gimme Gatcha Gatcha

The Gatcha Gatcha Fair is in full swing! :D

Top - !Ohmai : Lippin Denim Tunic DARK WASH - $25L
Skin - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Special No2 Caramel - FREE (Group Gift)
Hair Clip - PIDIDDLE - Hair Dangle 003 - $25L
Top - !Ohmai : Lippin Denim Tunic CREME WASH - $25L
Skin - :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Special No1 Caramel - FREE (Group Gift)
Hair Clip - PIDIDDLE - Hair Dangle 002 - $25L

The latest Cioccolata/Albero Mall Fair is on, and, if you haven't been yet, you're looking for the gumball machines all around the center, both upstairs & downstairs at Cioccolata. Lots of different shops have filled up each machine with a bundle of fabulously fun prizes. Simply pay each machine its asking price (typically $10-35L) & it randomly delivers you a prize. Yes, you can get doubles. But, since most everything is set to no copy/trans okay, you can trade your extras or pass them on to friends as gifts! The variety & quality are truly excellent. You can find such great stuff for cheap cheap cheap! Just be careful - those machines are addictive! XD

Top - oyakin*cami*pinkbeige1 - $20L (set)
Headband - ::SPLIT PEA:: On this harvest moon - headband - $10L
Pin - PIDIDDLE - Rose Broach 002 - $25L


Top - oyakin*cami*pinkbeige&sea - $20L (set)

Hat - ::SPLIT PEA:: XO, Mom - flowerpot - $10L

Mouth - ::SPLIT PEA:: I crossed the ocean for a heart of gold- flower - $10L

Hand - ::SPLIT PEA:: I'll kiss you again between the bars - flowerpot - $10L


Top - oyakin*cami*sea2 - $20L (set)

Sunglasses - ::SPLIT PEA:: The Hallie Galli Sunglasses - $10L

The other bit of awesomeness in this post is the Group Gift skins set from Dutch Touch. Two beautifully made skins were passed out to the Subscribe-o-Matic Group today in the Caramel skin tone. The make-up is really soft & neutral. These are a must-have. If you missed them, they are still available in the SoM at the Mainstore.

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