Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's My Birthday & I'll Blog What I Want To

Ok, so technically it was yesterday, but I got all distracted with Hempy coming back and, of course, there was all that shopping... Anyway, I had to show you some of the goodies I picked up along the way. None of the usual bargains. Just pure shopping indulgence! Weeee! :D

Top - &Bean - In a manner of speaking Black - $40L
Skirt - [LeeZu!] MiaCorset Dress /black - $290L

There are few stores more appropriate for a shopping spree than Leezu. I already have this skirt in another color, but I love it so much and it's so versatile, with its different skirt & fringe options, that I had to grab another. The strapless sequined bra from &Bean is the closest thing I found to a bargain. The box says it's $80L, but it was only $40L when I bought it. It's ridiculously adorable and totally vital to your wardrobe. Go get every color!

Dress - *Beauty Avatar* ZIWEN 03 - $400L
Shoes - J's Real Toe Cross Belt Sandals BLACK - $380L
Lashes - *Beauty Avatar* CELEBRITY - Eyelashes 14 - $150L

One of the insanely generous gifts I received this year was a gift card to Beauty Avatar Couture, from none other than our fabulous blog hostess Wrenja! What a treat! I spent hours pouring over every garment in the store before walking out with the first thing that grabbed me - this hot little black sequined mini-dress. I've got a weakness for anything that makes me look like a discoball.... The shoes were a gift to myself from J's Shoes. They are my first official foray into the realm of prim toes. I've been a very vocal opponant to the severed foot trend in SL fashion cause, for the most part, they tend to look like a great big fail to me, no matter how high the price tag, or how fancy the shop. But these toes are rather subtle & the menu was easy enough to manage. Plus, the shoes offer not just toe nail polish options, but shoe strap options, as well! It's like getting 3 great pairs of shoes for the price of one. And compared to most other prim toe shoes, these are a major steal.

Top - &Bean - 20L07 Plum - $150L
Pants - Armidi Limited - (F/Skinny) A001 Jeans [Black Classic] - $145L
Shoes - Maitreya Mishima Dawn - Patent Liquorice - $375L

I've had my eye on this top from &Bean for months now. Thanks to some more staggering generosity I was finally able to click the buy option as I drooled. It's freaking adorable and the prim frills are optional, so you can wear the top as a stand-alone tank. The jeans are a old favorite from Armidi. I've searched high and low all over SL and I have yet to find better jeans than the ones at Armidi. Each pair of jeans comes with classic, skinny and capri options, and both the quality and the price for the set make this the best damn deal for denim on the grid. And there is enough of a variety available to keep most people set for SLife. The Maitreya shoes are one of those must-own pairs that go with nearly everything. They look fabulous with both pants and skirts, and the patent ones come with both steel & black tips for the heels.

Hurray for padding the tired old wardrobe with some great quality items! Hurray for the weathered hag behind the avatar getting another year older! And double hurray for dear friends, who not only spoiled me completely rotten, but made this one fabulous birthday! Thank you so much! I love you guys! :D

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