Friday, September 4, 2009

Demonology Hunt: Part 1

So I did the Demonology hunt. Sort of. I skipped a couple. x.x
I feel inclined to say I don't really know many demon stores but most of the stuff I've seen in SL seems to be kind of low quality compared to what I think SL can do. First off they're usually shiney and I don't really know why and it doesn't look like there's a base texture. And then I don't like the tails in general, they're just basic flexi prims, occasionally with shiney prim detail. I'd like to see some sculpty tails, hopefully with a spaded or speared tip. I know they don't move but they'd look better. x: Maybe you could have them in different poses for pictures? I can't sculpt or texture. x:
The hunt wasn't too well organised. I have issues with how the LMs were named and things were just inconsistant or missing.
Anyway, on with the pictures, I think it's all unisex. :3 Apparently Prue and I have had the same idea so here's more blank faces staring at you. x:

First Horns: Kaotik Industries - #3
Second Horns: Strange Candy - #31
Third Horns: Dethgrip - #15

First Horns: Goth1co - #21
Second Horns: Dark Goddess Designs - #8 (I don't know which number after that. x.x You can click the sign for hints.)
Third Horns: Fluffer Nutterz - #27

Tail: Sinfull Creations - #26 (2, I couldn't find 1 x.x)

First Boots: Lazy Places - #50
Second Boots: Burning Chrome - #24

There's my pick of the horns available on offer. I managed to miss Rasetukokou who had 'imp horns' so you might want to stop by there if you're looking for something a little less obtrusive.
The tail is shiney but I liked the shape of it, it moves well. The set was split up and I couldn't find the horns.
Guessing you've already seen Lazy Places, Burning Chrome's boots really grew on me. :3

I have more pictures coming, hopefully. Shoot me if I don't get them up soon. x.x


Helena Stringer said...

I read this, and had to step back for a second.

I've been a demon in sl for almost as long as I've been here. I've also followed demonology pre sl.

I agree with you on the shiney/colour/no base, but not with the "Everything has to be Sculpted".

You do realise that there are more then just your traditional demons out there.

I have chosen to be a space demon, I have tentacles, and tho I have made sculpted tentacles for my store, they lack movement. Not as fun.

And why would any demon want like 20 spaded tails? we want variety most days. At least we who are demons all day, not the pretenders.

I'm just a little disappointed with your view on the situation, that you can be so close minded.

But we each have out own opinions, just wanted you to see it from a non spaded demon prospective.

Trickett Nightfire said...

To me, things that are higher quality tend to be sculpted. I'm not saying everything that's scultped looks good but I think it's the best way to make most things of higher quality.

I also feel there's only so much variety you can get out of tails, flexi, spaded, scultped and everything else. I feel having 20 spaded tails would be a similar or identical situation to having 20 flexi tails. I'd imagine if a demon has 20 spaded tails it's because they prefer spaded tails?

I realise there's more than just the traditionl spaded demon. I didn't say all I wanted was spaded tails, it's just traditional and I like that and I'd imagine other people might. Alternatively, I'm sure people with more creativity than myself could come up with some amazing tail ideas. It just feels that for being such a traditional view, it's largely forgotten for the chance to make something easier.

Hope that made sense. I either make awesome debates or really bad ones where my best response is to just pout and whine 'but I like it this way' but I feel this made more sense. <.< Sometime I think things but I can't always justify them and sometimes I have actual listable points for things, like my tail debates. Hopefully I'll only ever make public blog posts on these sorts of subjects if they are the latter.