Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Choking Hazard

Who likes mouth accessories? I bet a handful of you do, and I have the perfect store for you to get your fix. Thena, owner of Boof, comes up with the funnest little accessories, most of which are for your mouth. She executes these trinkets so well too. Here is a gander at her newest releases, as well as her item for the Addiction Hunt.

*Boof* "Hair" Brushes
*Boof* Paint Cans
(Goes great with the Paint Everything kit in the LC at RC Cluster)

*Boof* Candy Holster

*Boof* Mushroom Belt (Fav)

*Boof* Safety Pins

*Boof* Dazed and Confused Armband and Mouth Pill - Addiction Hunt Item

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