Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today I was graced by a visit from the Jewelry Fairy, and she totally gave me the lowdown on the new hotness from Violet Voltaire, and a little taste of Kunstkammer both of which will be at the much buzzed about Jewelry Fair starting tomorrow! My favorite Vivi has a whole new line she's going to be debuting as well as a couple of nice pieces with 50% of the profits going to Oxfam International.

Oxfam International is a charity that focuses on ending poverty throughout the world, and you'll be seeing all kinds of gorgeous jewelry up for sale to help support this worthy group, you can get more information about the project at their website
Violet Voltaire 'Dollface set (Chola)

Violet has a new line called 'Doll Face', and it quite literally lives up to its name. The pieces represent a broad spectrum of communities, and all of them are what you would expect from Violet, well made, gorgeous and the best details around. The set comes with earrings and a matching necklace and are beautiful and creepy at the same exact time, I totally love each and every one of them.
Violet Voltaire 'Dollface set (Steampunk)
Violet Voltaire 'Dollface set (Punk)
Violet Voltaire 'Dollface set (Harajuku)
Violet Voltaire 'Dollface set (Goth)

In terms of charity, Vivi's got some gorgeous necklaces available, and 50% of the profits they make will be going to Oxfam International. They come in Black and white, and they are fabulous in their simplicity. Vivi is really getting into the spirit and will be taking part in a couple of the events going on during the fair, there is going to be a kissing booth and a dunk tank, of which you can kiss or dunk Violet, for charity of course ;). I've matched the necklaces with some gorgeous earrings that will be available at the Kunstkammer booth, the series is called 'Carnival' and they are beautifully made.
Violet Voltaire 'Love in a Void' necklace (black)
Violet Voltaire 'Love in a Void' necklace (white)
Kunstkammer 'Carnival' earrings in 'New Oreleans'

Of course Vivi didn't leave those of you tight on funds out. If you really just can't afford the other stuff right now, she is going to have a couple of charming dollarbie 'Love in a Void' bracelets out for those of you who are so inclined. they match the 'Love in a Void' charity necklaces and are as fabulous as you'd expect from her.
Violet Voltaire 'Love in a Void' bracelet (black)
Violet Voltaire 'Love in a Void' bracelet (white)

The Jewelry fair starts TOMORROW, and runs until the 27th. It will be on two sims with, as the note card says, 130 creators involved! The fair is going to have all kinds of shopping opportunities, auctions for charity, as well as seminars on jewelry making and lots of resources. So whether you're there to shop or possibly learn something, you're sure to find something fantastic at the Jewelry Fair.

Don't worry I'll have more previews for you tomorrow!

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