Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cluster DUCK

RC Cluster, is hands down one of the most fun and popular stores. Surely you own at least one of their inventory, and well executed items, if not from a hunt, or the Lucky Chair, but from shopping. Well, now you can own a plethora of their goods because the Lucky Chair is so full right now, I couldn't even win all of it! Here is a preview of just a few of the items the chair is full of, in the form of a story.

Once upon a time there was a lonely Doctor by the name of Dr. Noir. She was a very fierce, domination bitch, who couldn't be arsed for silly things. She did her job, helping loons overcome their life traumas. This is how she met Quack Mastuhhh P.

RC Cluster - Dr. Shrink Set - LC

Quack Mastuhhh was an odd sort of person. She lived her life hiding under a weighty flock of feather, and masking her pain behind ballin' shades. She acted a fool, and got down like a bad bitch, but she wasn't a happy Duck. Session after session, Quack wasn't making a breakthrough, but something else was going on. Dr.Noir was growing ever so fond of this funky character, and they realized they had a few things in common.

RC Cluster - Webcam Addict Set - LC

It was with the new common ground to stand on, that Noir and Quack grew close, and soon became the best of friends. In no time the duo was building pillow forts together, and having a ball of a time. They even adopted a pet together, Fu, their new pet fly.

RC Cluster - Ultimate Pillow Fort - LC
RC Cluster - Pet Fly on String - LC

And so, Dr. Noir and Quack Mastuhhh P lived happily every after... for about two hours until Dr. Noir got pissed off that she kept sneezing because of Quack's hair... To end the story on a happy note, we will leave it at that. :3

Lol, go to RC Cluster.

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