Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Demonology Hunt: Part 2

Mass random picture dump commencing...
This is my last batch of pictures from the demon hunt. There's more prizes in the hunt but these and the prizes in my previous post were my top picks. It's kind of a random mis-match. I get a bit stuck when I'm blogging hunts, which is why I plan to avoid them in future. <.<

Unisex Cuffs - Spider Productions - 51
Gas Mask - Dethgrip - 15
Choker - Skream - 46
Men's + Women's Crusifix Necklace - U&R Dogs - 41
Spikes - Dethgrip - 15
Men's/Unisex T-Shirt - Samsara - 39

Men's + Women's Jacket (Open and Closed) - Jeckalicious - 43
Boots - Prim & Pixel Paradise - 30

Skins/Eyes - Frick - 42

Skins/Male Eyes - Nosotr@s - 13

Men's + Women's Avatar (Woo, prim wings) - Darker Side - 38

There's also a few non-fashion things on the hunt. You'll also notice a few of the stores are not demonic at all or that some of the prizes don't seem to correlate to the theme...

Demonic Altar - Stone Misery - 48

Gore Beach Set - Fluid Furniture - 12

Chicken Coop (?!?) - Exodi - 20

Vanity shot! :D

It's not really featuring too many hunt prizes but I spent hours in that box. >.> I believe the eyes are actually Enraptured Eventide, which is 37. The skin is of course the featured Frick skin.

You have about a week left on this hunt. As of yet, Draconic Kiss still hasn't put their prize out so maybe check in during the last days because Draconic Kiss is cute. x:
Oh, and I was ranting about a lack of sculpted demon tails in the last post. If anyone else wanted to see more scultpie/spaded tails you can check out Trap, who released one earlier this month, I think. It pays to log onto your alt more often. x:


Darkandiel Bury said...

thanks for the review , glad you like the prim wings!!
Darkandiel c/o DarkerSide

Kala Lunasea said...

I love the faun/satyr like legs, hooves and tail you have on in the last piccie, where are they from? Been looking for some that cute and well made for ages!

Great blog btw, very much enjoy reading it ^__^