Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthdays don't just last *one* day.

The announcement huh? You remembered. Well, I'm not the type of girl whose birthday lasts only one day. So, yeah, yesterday was the blog's birthday... but the party is lasting until Halloween. That's just how I roll. There are presents hiding all over the Sound of Silence sim, which houses Violent Seduction, Tacky Stars, Rotten Inc, and Not Too Shabby. Lots of them. Lots and lots of pig heads to find... yeah, pig heads. Did you really expect anything less?

On top of that, there is a black market of sorts, with all kinds of special gifts for only 10L. Skins, jewelry, even a cute little beach shack is available. So far, from the hunt items I've seen, everything is gorgeous, creative and fantastic. Which is no less from a hunt I've taken the time to put together.

So like I said, the hunt is running until Halloween, when we will close out the hunt with a Halloween ball, hopefully with as much if not more fun than we had last night ;) There are still a few gifts that need to be dropped on the sim, so make sure to come back. I will be updating new hunt gifts on the blog as they come out, and this post is by all means NOT all of the gifts available.

Also if you missed it last night, Lois from Skinsane was sweet enough to provide a party gift, which is hanging out next to the couch in the HQ, and will be until this evening when I return it... or whenever she stops by to pick it up, so grab it while you can!

I'd like to thank all of the merchants involved in helping to make this hunt, you've all been amazing!

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