Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey!! Its Hempy!

OK.. So I been away long enough! Moving Sucks! As I'm sure you all can relate. I'm now settled in my new place, and maybe it was a blessing I was without Cable and Internet for a week longer then expected because I've unpacked everything and we're sitting pretty now. My kiddies have lots more room, we're in a better neighborhood and hell its cheaper then our old place. Cant ask for much more then that. Sooooooooooooo.. I've been working on this post since I've been back and I am a bit out of the swing of things, but time to dive in and get back in the race.
When I got back I saw some chat about a whole bunch of lucky boards over at Juicy Pop. I hadn't been there before so I decided to check it out. Its a cute little mall and they are having a lucky board Fiesta that's what the sign said. There is like 10 lucky boards with prizes from the shops that fill the Juicy Pop Mall. I was stalking the board a couple days with between 5-10 mins on the boards it shouldn't be too hard to score like I did!

~*Hiyori*~ Candy Alice (black) - Lucky board prize at Juicy Pop Comes with everything shown 3 skirt versions and 1 collar version without the tie.
(shoes not included)

*(Ichigo-ya)* Kimono 6 Temari - Juicy Pop Lucky board Fiesta prize
Hair from !Tarnished

Left: A. Ringo floral pants comes with a few options
Middle: ::Schoen:: Lace Shirt, RerisGlass Otukimi monocle_M, *Noju* Kururin Hair (wine-red)Right: Juicy Pop Little flower dress (also shown on far left with just the shirt layer)
Little hat is a freebie located in the stall right of the boards from ResisGlass
Score everything else listed at Juicy Pop Lucky Board Fiesta!

Closeup shot of the Hair and Monocle
The Monocle is really cute with a lil bunny and a tiny dangling earth!

So as I was stalking the LB Fiesta, I noticed a small shop called Tweedle in the mall.
The sitting stump in the center of my picture here is the fiesta prize they offer called
"Tweedle Clover Stump" its very cute with hand drawn clovers at the bottom.
I was drooling over everything in the store what great fairytale fantasy type stuff I had to get more so I picked up this "Tweedle hidden Forrest skybox" for 250L and I also hit the subscribo to my surprise the very next day there was a impromptu 50L sale which would only last a day.
I ran right back and bought out the store. I got this adorable tiny Mushroom House and Celestial Topiary on right among other things! All for 50L each (the skybox was discounted to 150L).
At the time of this post the Sale is still on!!! Soooo if you like anything you saw hurry down to *Tweedle* at the Elven Forrest Location and go crazy because the sale was only supposed to be till the 15Th and it is now the 16Th and the prices have not been changed back yet!! YaY Lucky!
Here is the SLURL when you land walk up straight a little ways to the shop!

This little table I also won at the LB Fiesta its called "Little Green" the picture on the board shows 4 people posed around little green but I wanted to get this post up this century so I did it solo. The little leaf sends out particles and its pretty cute.
The Necklace, Jeans and Tank top in this picture can also be won at Juicy Pop Lucky Board Fiesta! Some of the stuff is even trans. I definitely recommend hopping over and parking your butt at these boards for a while. And while your there explore the shops I had lots of fun!
The hair pictured is a group gift from Mix and Match, this shop is new to me but looks like fun. "Rasta Hair 7 group review" you need to activate the group tag and click the sign in the store. *note* I changed the texture of the bow myself.
The Skin is also free gift from Obscene! I really love their skins, and I was very happy to hear of this new opening gift they put out to celebrate their new Mainstore. Now don't be silly like me and not read the labels on each skin because some are "wet" skins.
I Missed everyone!!! Have Fun! That is all.


Jaxie Oceanlane said...

Woohoo welcome back girlfriend! you rocked it on your first one back and congrats on a successful move!

Hempy Weezles said...

Aww arent you a doll. Thanks Jaxie <3 xoxoxo HUGS n KISSSES!