Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So something is annoying me. Look of the days, look at me taking a pretty picture of myself in clothes. Sure I'll tell you the names of the items but I won't link you to their shops because that is just too much work. Honestly, you're doing a disservice not only to your readers but the creators of the items. Sorry, but I don't know what *Ls* is, and I have a feeling that, even if I did a search, I wouldn't find the shop I'm looking for.

I had this frustration yesterday looking over the feeds. Saw some pants I liked, but of course, no link. My only info to go on was (Madsy) which admittedly, is more information than some give, but doing a search only brought up people's profiles. That would be the end of the search for people who really aren't sure how to approach a situation like this, which is unfortunate for the creator. I personally can't tell you why they don't have their shop in search, but everyone has their reasons.

So being diligent I found a profile with the shop name in their picks (the owner's profile is #1, but I didn't catch that right off the bat, because you know, I wasn't sure what I was looking for.) I found an ad to the black market shopping district and got to the main shop from there after hunting for the (Madsy) stall for twenty minutes. A whole lot of pain and suffering on my part could have been avoided if someone had taken the two, three minutes it takes to link up items you're showing off. Or at least provided a page with links to items you use, some blogs do that too, which while less convenient is still useful.

I got the pants, a top(not shown), then I checked the creator's profile and found that she has a lucky board at her shop at KDC Mall (which I will link, because I'm awesome like that). You have to be in the KDC Mall group to use the lucky board, but its good for an afternoon's worth of amusements, there are also lucky boards for Candy Nail, Junwave, and a lot of other neat looking shops.

After all that work I needed a snack, so I hopped over to Prettiful and picked up the new group gift, which is that yummy looking toaster pastry in my mouth, nothing like pink frosting. Join the group and then hit the ad board on the wall to grab on for yourself. There is also a 50% off sale on her new kids/loco pocos costumes for group members, just wear the group tag when you purchase, and half of the price will be returned to you.

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Prudence said...

Oi, it takes all of ten seconds to get a SLURL and add it to a word, holy linkage. People are just lazy, and greedy, because most of the time, so called "bloggers" make a blog for about a month, bump uglies with big names to get recognition, make a few honest posts, then use their now rubbish existence to bum review packs off of creators.