Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aura "F'in" Falta does "My Pinkie Skull"

What up, Love/Haters? I am Aura, Love/Hate's newest edition to the team. I mostly run around the grid without pants. It is kinda my thing. When one chooses this particular path in SL, you end up defining yourself with some lesser used accessories. I am here to be your guide on that front. Now on with the show!

In my recent adventures, I have discovered a kickass shop called "My Pinkie Skull." There is a shit ton of hella cool stuff in this store, but the genre I was focused on was all the cute socks. Like I said before, you go pantless, you find out that socks and panties are very underrated.

"Scum Top" Black - Winter Moon
"Part-time Deer" Daisy - I love 13
"Bella Courts" Black - Fuel
"Tenta" Rock Teal - The Stringer Mausoleum
"Umber" Tone 1 - Tyranny Designs
"Knee-Bands w/socks" Pirate - My Pinkie Skull

Besides the fact that this girl has some rad texturing abilities, she also doesn't skimp on the options. Whether you are buying a fatpack or a singular color, you are going to be clogging up your inventory with different/multi layer goodness. We are talking optional garters, singular leg wearage options, etc. You think of it, and it is probably already an option available to you.

"Open Leggings" Red - My Pinkie Skull

Oh, and if you ever have a problem (or have a need to embarrass yourself with an incredibly stupid question), the owner is a super sweet dollface...and doesn't make fun of you too much.

"Socks w/garter" Violet - My Pinkie Skull

Awwww! My first post cherry has been popped. I will never get it back. I hope it was good for you too. Laters!


Wrenja said...

great first post my love <3

Deoridhe said...

OMG! Faces I never expected to see elsewhere! Hee hee.

Eden Knoller said...

Yay, it's Audra!