Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Its that time of year when all of the kidlings are heading back to school, and I thank everything that is holy that I don't have any. No offense, I've just had my fill of kids already. From babysitting, to working at a summer camp, that fulfilled any urge I might have for a long time.

Regardless, there is a certain mystique about school. You hate it as a kid, but long for it as an adult. With out all of the... people, you know, the ones you knew when you were in school. The ones that randomly hit you up on myspace or facebook, even though they never liked you, and you never really liked them. But I digress.

Ghanima OF +++Blue Blood+++ released a new set once again yesterday, and something about it just makes me think of being in school. The crisp cool days, and walking through the commons in your fall and winter coats. Meeting with friends to bullshit for the fleeting minutes you have between classes. The set, appropriately enough (to me at least), is called 'Fleet'. I can literally picture myself outside the drama room, with my old friends. Laughing and babbling on before running off to Japanese on the other side of campus.

The set comes with a 'trench coat' skirt, and a normal lolita style skirt, and there are five colors to choose from. Red, Black, Purple and Teal. If you have an itching for the Blue version, be prepared to join the group, as you have to be part of it to purchase the Blue. Totally worth it though ;)

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