Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kind Of Like Being Blonde...

When I try blonde demos on, I often think they suit me more than my regular black hair. ): If more hair stores sold natural packs, I'd be a happy deer. Unless they didn't include white in which case I'd complain about that too... I like black/white packs. Anyway...

Not only is this dress yellow it comes in different layers and you can turn it into seperates. (Yellow is always passed over for more popular colours. ): ) You can have just the black skirt or just the yellow top. :3

The skins are available at the new Vive9 store. These are the darkest and second lightest tones.
Some insider info from the group, there's a 50% sale starting tomorrow and ending on the 25th. The fatpacks at Vive9 and in the discount section are very reasonable so if they're on sale I think I'm going for broke tomorrow. Or a couple of days after because I'm patient like that. :3

Skins - Vive9 - Opneing Gift
Dress - Concord Clothing - 1L new release gift

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Prudence said...

You def should, they look wonderful on you.