Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cupcakes Freebies! Weeeee!

So after hearing the awesome live SL performer Gina Stella at Club Millennium I made my over to Cupcakes to check out the new store and maybe buy some pants. As i was walking around i noticed a gift box set for 0L with a dress inside and i was like yaaay! Then I noticed another..and another..and more. As i was almost done rounding them up a group notice from Cupcakes came up to let everyone know about the gift hunt! I was so lucky I finished before that because the sim got packed in like 2 minutes!! But it is worth the lag to go find these great items.

I found 2 dresses, the stripe:

And the Holly:

And FIVE skins!! The two i am wearing in the dress photos and three more.

So, I missed one gift because apparently there are 8 boxes and i only found 7. i found those 2 dresses and the skin tones Brandy, Iroko, Janna, Shell, and Terra. if anyone find the eigth one let me know so I can feel complete!

I love Cupcakes so much!

The store is awesome! The group is 250L to join, but the fee is worth it as they give out frequent and limited edition group notices.

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