Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tons of Stuffs!

OK..there are a lot of awesome deals and freebies and cheapies out right now. I am going to show you three right now though, I'll work on the rest in a bit. Heehee.

OK first, go to Katat0nik AGAIN and get these super frickin' awesome shoes for only 5L to match the free dress from yesterday.

Then go to Lycee Feelings shop and camp for 10 mins to get this super awesome sauce cake hat (also a cake bag available for camping!).

If you have 50L extra, grab one of these adorable cupcake chairs (they have several sit options inside!! Come is tons of flavors!)

Over near these cupcake chairs are a bunch of clothing freebies, including this cutesy heart dress.

Then pop over to Alady and get 35k (YES! 35,000L) worth of free skins, the one I'm wearing with the heart dress is just one of the tons of examples. Just click the black and white sign near where you TP in.

OK, hopefully that will keep you busy for at least an hour or two while i get my next posts ready :P

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