Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yo Momma!

OK..weird title I know, but this outfit I slapped together today REALLY reminded me of how my mom looked when she was young. Well, an SL version of my mom anyway.
My mom totally had red hair and freckles. Anyway this dress is a group gift from C'est la Vie. You must join the group and activate the group tag to get it from a sign in the store.
The extremely hot shoes are a group gift from *sUmi* via the Tuli update group. The Tuli group costs 250L to join, but is SO worth it. You get lovely skins, shoes, clothes, all sorts of stuffs. Plus you are first to here of sales going on there. If you love skins as much as i do, you wanna join.These Gypsy style earrings and necklace are a lucky chair prize at Adorned. There are also ankle bracelets in the set!And as an add on, next to C'est la Vie is Glitter Hair, which i totally love. If you join the group who can have a try at their lucky board to win this extremely posh hair. I just dig it so much!

OK, have fun!

Hair in first photos- freebie from Truth

Anime Eyes- Miriel, 50L

Skin- Skywalker- previous group gift, no longer available

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