Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hay Ladies

I'm on a computer that can hardly run SL in a prim free environment to talk to other people, so I'm alleviating my boredom of laying in bed (cause now I'm sick :D ) with messing around the blog, you might notice a few things change over the next few days, depending on how ambitious I'm feeling. Anyway, if you'll look to the right of this post you'll now notice a direct link to this week's hunt list, I figure this is easier than sifting through a whole week's posts when you're sitting there on Saturday morning, wondering which hunts you HAVEN'T completed yet.

I'm just full of awesome ideas, I know.


sileny said...

We miss you hun! Seems like every lucky chair comes up W when you're gone :(

Wrenja said...

It is straight up KILLING me to know there is new Katat0nik ish that I can't get at :'( I wish I could help ><

Alexx Usbourne said...

Hope you feel better, soon!!