Monday, November 24, 2008

Twisted Nekos

Two quick things for you here before I go back inworld. (Note: If these have been posted a million times before, I'm sorry. I'm extremely tired :P)

At Twisted and Spoiled they have some nice lucky chair items as well as some lovely freebies.

This dress is in a freebie box, waiting for you to scoop up!

This top and jeans combo was either a freebie or a lucky chair prize...sorry, i can't remember. WTF is wrong with me? o.O

The shoes in both of those pictures are free from Angelic Doll.

Now, the Neko Mall freebs!! There are a whole bunch of lucky chairs outside the neko mall, with goodies from Purrrfect Kitties inside (and other stores too was really hard to tell, but leave comments if you know please! I can use all the help I can get today :/)

These spiked arem band are one of my wins, the yellow and black "stars" outfit" is another. The stars outfit comes with a nice choker and also a weird leg band that i didn't wear.

I also won this cute bow tie choker in a chair, which i will be wearing when I feel a bit silly and fun! Which is quite often actually.

OK..back inside SL I go to find more goodies for you all! Have fun!

NOTE: I originally posted the wrong LM for Angelic Dolls, but it should be fixed now. The small box on top is the free pair, the larger box on the bottom has several colors of the shoes for 10L. Thank you Galadhriel for reminding me I needed to fix that!

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