Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Izumiya Freebs and Cheapers

So I was at a really nice mall with tons of freebs (some of which I will post shortly) that my super Lucky Chair Stalkers group member had informed me of. I found so much stuff I was like in Squeeville for ages.

One place i found a few things i liked was called Izumiya.

I got this shirt and jacket for a whopping 0L I believe. The jacket is actually really nicely made, don't let my terrible photography skills fool you.

And then this entire outfit (coat with cute fur trimmed hood, shirts, pants, boots, necklace) was only 25L. I really dig fur trimmed coats, so i was all up on this even though the boots were meh. Totally worth it.

OK, be back soon with more finds!

Hair by ETD, 30L on sale now
Skin by Nomine, retired from the grid but possibly still available on OnRez or something

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