Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Santa, Baby!

I joined the Dilly Dolls group and I am so glad I did! Not only are you able to get the super awesome freebies for group members only, but as a Dilly Dolls group member, you are the first to know of new releases...and new lucky chair items ;)

I got the note today about the new Santa inspired items in the store and I TPd there so fast I actually crashed on my first try. There are a whole bunch of cute variations for only 250L, but since I am broke i waited the lucky chair. NOW, here's the catch: there are a limited number of this lovely Santa cutie outfit available for sale; once they are all sold, the lucky chair will no longer give them out! So, not only a very limited edition sale, but limited lucky chair too! So, this is a definite one to buy if you have the slightest idea that you might not get it in the chair.

And if you don't like the red and green combo, there are other color combos available for purchase as well.

The prize comes with teo full outfits in green with red trim and red with green trim. Both come with shiny and not shiny boot variations, belt, gloves, dress (of course), and shiny and not shiny hat. That's an awesome lot for 250L or a lucky chair score!

And who doesn't love fluffy feathers??

Hair by Ingenue, free at Savoir Hair
Skin from BiancaF subscribo gift
Pose dollarbie from Striking Poses

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sileny said...

is it just me, or do I look extremely hot in this dress?

Anyway, thought I should make a note to inform our readers that the lucky chair is actually a bit more tricky than I made it out to be.

Since the dress as sold is limited edition, so is the lucky chair...but with a fun catch.

The lucky chair will only be out for random short periods of time. So say you go in at 3PM and it is not there; that doesn't mean it won't be there at 5PM and gone again at 6PM. Disappearing and reappearing lucky chair!! I think it is a pretty cool idea actually.

So, if you really want this dress and have the money, I suggest you scoop one up because it may not be around for much longer!