Monday, November 10, 2008

A Kitty Christmas!

So..yeah, I went strolling around SL as usual, when I came across a really cool Store called Dirty Rotten with boat loads of fabulous freebies. I thought "I am sure someone has blogged this place before, but I'll check." It seems as if this gem has been overlooked! Well, lucky you. Here I am to fill ya in!

The first store I went to had this lovely Christmas choker and these so cute Christmas whiskers, as well as a full perm sculpty candy cane, all free!

I sat down and item camped for 10 minutes to get this lovely kitty cuddle couch and while doing that, I cammed upstairs to the Clockwork Kitty area of the shop....
And I found a fat pack of free paw boots!!! Free ears and tails to match them!! Tons of free super cool belts and armbands! Clothes! Mouth Mouse!

This ducky playbed!

This Kitty Chair!

And lots more!!! It was so fun I almost croaked. I am only posting a small portion of the items I found, so that you can have fun finding some your self!!

Hair from ETD, 30L on sale now
Skin, previous hunt gift from Symphony

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