Saturday, November 22, 2008

Skin Party V2.0 !!

Ok, so whenever I have a bunch of skins from different places that I have gotten for free, I am going to continue to do a skin party post. Some of these skins may have been blogged by other people or reported in group notices or whatever, but skin parties might be fun for those of us obsessed with skins to make sure we haven't missed anything. In the future I will not be using my alt to model skins anymore though, since as you will see, she has a weird friggin head.This one is a free gift from Illuminati Also a free gift from Illuminati. I should mention there are also male skins in the gift bag!This is yet another one from Illuminati, but this is a lucky chair prize. Male version also included.

The red-lipped diva is from the Pulse group. Check the notices, it's there! Pulse is an *awesome* store that has sales often and is very good to their group members.
I won this one on a lucky board over near Glitter hair. Frankly I had a hard time figuring out the store name, though i think it is called either Area D1 or Romi. I know, I know, I'm a blogger I'm supposed to find out. But dang...sometimes I'm just tired and totally suck and can't rezz properly. Give me a couple hours and I will let ya know. For now, the link should be good anyway. EDIT: I'm pretty positive it is called Romi.

And finally, if you have ever wanted to be part of skin creation, join the Soft Touch Skins update group. This test skin is in the notices and the creator would like your input. Try it on your shape and let her know what ya think! Personally, i think the eyeshadow totally rocks.

Ok all, have fun!

Hair- Magika OMG Hair, previous group gift

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