Saturday, November 22, 2008

mmm animal prints

###Ms... has a new camping chair in her shop next to the lo*momo main store. It's for this totally cute dress and stole set. The camp is only for 15 minutes, but is group only. Lucky for you she has a group join box right next to the chairs. The lucky boards I blogged previously are still up as well, so if you haven't claimed those dresses yet, you still have a chance.

While you're in the group take a look in past notices and you'll find yourself with a brand new sky box. It comes with furniture, and a tree to decorate with for the holidays. I love this sky box, there is a button you can press to make the ceiling disappear and really open up the sky to you, in your sky box. One other neat detail is that the Christmas tree also functions as a radio So make sure to get on over to ###MS... and grab these pretties up.

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