Thursday, November 27, 2008

JC and AwesomeSauce

I got wind of a store with cupcake freebies and, being obsessed with SL foodstuffs, I headed over. At JC Project I found some awesome dollarbies and freebies indeed! here they go:

Holdable cupcake

Cupcake Ring

A box of a million billion other cool stuffs, including this collar.

Then my friend was like "Dude check out the place next door" and I'm like "K." Glad I did! Tons of cute accessories at (o.O)AwesomeSauce(O.o) and freebies and the owner was really nice. Here are some stuffs I found there:

Free skully bracelet

Free kitty choker and earrings and pink kitty goggles! The paw print bracelets were only 20L too! Join the subscribo and get free gifts every month.

Skin with green eyeshadow by M&R Cupcakes, not free.

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