Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mixing It Up!

So I am just going to show you a couple of outfit i made up of the freebies I found today. Some good stuffs, so pay attention!
The top is a freebie fur trimmed hoodie by LollyGag. The store is closing today so everything is free. EVERYTHING. Some of the hair they have there is even full perm.

The hair I am wearing came from Junwave next to Love Soul. I believe it was 5L.

Skin is free from the notices for Marianela group. She put them back in the notices if you missed them before!

Leggings are free from *sUmi* inside the Tuli main store.

Shoes are also free from *sUmi* in the same location.
In this outfit, the hoodie can be worn as a dress or sweater and is a 10 minute item camp at *garden* (the chair is upstairs)

The leopard print leggings are from the Endeavor lucky board

The boots are free for 3 days only from !Mingo!

Hair is a previous TekuTeku gift.

OK, i hope to be able to post more today. Let's see what happens! haha

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