Thursday, November 13, 2008


oh noes I dieded D:
I am now a spooky, spooky ghost and shall haunt you for all eternity! Of course I'll be the cutest ghost to ever exist. What's that? You want to be a ghost too? Of course you do! You're gonna want to head down to Tiny Town Sendai in that case!

Honestly, this picture does the av NO justice. It's little tail flutters as you walk, it's little arms flap about when you turn and jump, it is *SO* cute. Everyone I've shown it to has just about squeed me to *death*. The ghost is available in the little white and blue striped shop across from Jinriki-Sha on the left side of the mall when you land.

Of course in the end my friends went on a quest to rescue me from beyond the veil! And I returned to normal, oh ghosty form, how I miss thee.


He's my new little friend I brought back with me. Say hi little friend! ... He's a bit shy as you can see. He's another little present you can find in Tiny Town Sendai, He can be found near the edge of the shopping village with a lot of other freebies including the ones below.

You can also get most of the cast of Anpanman! If you don't know what anpanman is, well, it's no big deal, you can read the link to wiki above. It's a classic Japanese cartoon if you're too lazy. I was pretty excited about this, cause I have a set of anpanman magnets I got on my last trip to Japan that I play with when I'm bored and at the fridge. I've created some epic dramas, shutup.

These guys are my two favorite characters, Baikinman and Dokichan, surprise they're the bad guys. Doki might be surprising, but really, what else would Baikinman be? Regardless, totally cut and totall fun for wreaking havok with :D
Tiny Town Sendai has a LOT of really impressive tiny dress. I'm not so much into tinies, other than my EGL tiny, but this shopping village has a couple of pieces I'll be picking up ASAP. Also not to be missed are the two dino tinies that are 10L each and totally cute, perfect for chasing noobs around and biting ankles >:D

All of the freebies other than the ghost are in a little stall behind the main Tiny Town Sendai sign, and only one of them is 1L, the stego, and personally I'd just drop the 10L on the dinos in the mall, cause they are infinitely more cute.

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