Sunday, November 9, 2008

For all your Hunting needs

This list looks so much more manageable doesn't it? *Phew*

Beautiful Isle hunt - Ends today, Nov. 9th
Comme il Faut - Stuff is still out, dunno when it will be over
D-Hunt - Ends Today, Nov. 9th
Discord - Ends Nov. 30th
Elass - Through Nov. 18th (I believe)
Hollywood Gestures - Still on as of Nov 9th.
Lantian Village - on until Nov. 20th
Lemania Turkey Day Hunt
Meteorain hunt
Lifing Room hunt - Ends Today, Nov. 9th
Rayskin Hunt
Sexy Catz
Starlust - Ends Today, Nov. 9th
Witchy Woman Furniture Design - Through Nov. 30th

Anything I'm forgetting? Leave a message on this post and I'll update it.

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