Thursday, November 6, 2008


I was going to post this stuff a few weeks ago, but when I went to check the store before posting, I found it was *gone*. There was an LM to the new location but things weren't rebuilt just yet but today I noticed everything was up and back, and lucky for you, things are a bit easier.

MNK has such cute clothing, and is worth checking out for that fact alone. The great thing about the store is there is a lucky chair with all kinds of goodies in it as well as a couple of cute freebies and cheapies. Most of them are over by the lucky chair including this cute little AFK banner.

Before the first store closed, there was a hunt for a cute cute little Halloween kitty rug, a lot of people are over the whole Halloween thing, but for those of us that aren't. You don't even have to hunt for it anymore. When you enter the store to your left there is a wall with shelves. This adorable carpet is right next to the sign on the shelves in a tiny little box. Just buy it!

There are also normal kitty rugs by the lucky chair for about 10L or 20L. Totally cute and totally work checking MNK out for.

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