Tuesday, November 25, 2008

House of Heart Mega Freebies

So the owners of House of Heart have always shown a lot of freebie love. In fact, they give out more freebies and cheapies than any other store I can think of at the moment.

And they are not going to let up it seems.

From now on they are working to include a free wearable demo in each style's demo box. That means you can get a free version of every single HoH hair style simply by buying the demo for 0L.

Not all of the styles have been set up yet, but they are in progress, and I'd say most of them were done when I was there tonight. I chose three random styles and bought them to show you. The free color is mocha, no other color is free in the demo box! But fortunately for us, mocha is a pretty darn cute color!

And if you like the styles, they have released new colored tips options, so check those out and buy a couple!

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