Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lucky Lingerie

While I was taking wintery photos at Reasonable Desires I won a bunch of stuff from their lucky chair! They have a bunch of lucky chairs out front with a variety of things inside from lingerie to showgirl costumes to dresses.

This one is the red stars lingerie set. I bet Jack Frost is happy!

This one is the pale lingerie, which for me says "innocent but still hot."

This one is my fave win of the day though. The gold show girl! Wah-blam! Hot stuff coming through!!!

The skin I am wearing with the showgirl outfit is a dollarbie from A Piece of Candy. Check out her store because she always has nice gifts to give to her subscribomatic group and lots of dollarbie skins. I believe there is also a blue diamond hunt going on still for a bunch of nice dollarbie skins!

OK now! Go get some cheap skins and sit on some lucky chairs! See you inworld!

Hair in the showgirl pics from Glitter Hair, not free.

Hair and skin in other pics by Magika, free in group notices.

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