Saturday, November 8, 2008

On Top of Candy Mountain!

I was hopping around looking for new cupcake items when I came to a store called Mismatch. They did have cupcake items (woot!) but in front of the door they also have some Candy Mountain freebies, including skins and cute tees!

This one has a smokey eye, and my photo really does not do the shiny lip justice.You can see the shiny lip a bit better in this adorable soft makeup skin.

And for those of us that love a little crazy in our makeup, this cool rainbow eyed skinThere are also several cute tees in the box, such as this Rebel Rebel shirt.And check out the store while you are there! They have a cupcake hat for only 30L!! Gotta love it!

Hair- freebie from Analog Dog's freeball

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